Tips for avoiding well-known holiday scams

Tips for avoiding well-known holiday scams

Going on holiday is meant to be a stress free, relaxing time. Whether you’ve gone away to a family holiday park or abroad, there are those who like to use scams to ruin your holiday, if only you knew about these scams before you went away. Well that’s what this post is for; here is an insight into most well-known holiday scams on holiday.

Any of these scams can take place at any time, locally or abroad, but of course you will be more vulnerable when abroad.

Money exchangea

The most common scam abroad would be locals asking, if you would like to exchange your currency for theirs. They could scam you by giving you less for your money or even short changing you, even worse still would be giving you counterfeit money in return. It’s advisable for you to exchange money before you go abroad and to keep an eye on the exchange rate so you don’t get short changed. Also watch out for pick pockets, always spread your money so that it’s not in one place, and the harder it is for them, the more likely they will leave you alone.


This is an easy way for people to scam money, especially abroad. Make sure you agree a rough price of how much it will be before you get in, and if you have time you can call/ask different taxi services how much it would be so that you know a rough price. If possible book a taxi through the hotel you are staying with or you can have a look online to see if it’s a registered taxi company.

Some drivers abroad have been known to agree a price beforehand, but then they would drop you off before you reach your destination and still demand the whole price, this has been known to cause scenes which is usually pretty embarrassing, especially abroad when you may not understand their languages.

Travelling on your own

If you are a solo traveler, you need to be vigilant and try to stay extra safe as you will be vulnerable and would be con artists might see you an easy target. These types of scams involve being befriended usually by a local and then later mugged. So just remember that no matter how friendly the locals may appear, use your senses and avoid vulnerable situations even with people who seem trustworthy.

When travelling you will almost certainly want to take part in fun holiday activities, be it water sports or bungy jumping, but some activities can be scam hotspots, in which operators prey on the unwary, so keep a look out and book activities with registered companies, try to avoid ‘side of the road’ operators and as usual, agree a price before hand.