Things to Do in Botswana

If you are fond of wilderness destinations, you will come across a lot of places on earth. One of them is Botswana. It is arguably the best wilderness that you can visit if you have more time to spare to visit the incredible nature. From the Kalahari Desert to Okavango Delta, to the Chobe River ecosystem, this place has every natural thing on the table. But have you ever wondered how to start? What are the things you can do there? Save your time and see our recommendations below.

Guided safari game viewing

Botswana offers tons of game drives for visitors. It has been the deciding culture for most of the locals. With such a great culture, you will easily find the best safari experts in Botswana. The guides are friendly and passionate. There are some games that don’t fear humans. If it is your first time, you will want to narrow down your list to Chobe or Moremi Game Reserve.

Birds sightseeing

 If you are a bird lover, Botswana safari offers you with tons of sighting possibilities. There are around 550 species revolving around the area. The best time to visit for this activity is between November to March. You can find some rare species such as giant eagle owls, hornbills, fish eagles, l oxpeckers, egrets, kingfishers, and so on.

Okavango Delta Safari Predator sightings

The most popular predator sighting that you need to try is the leopard sighting in the Okavango Delta Safari. Okavango Delta is a part of the World Heritage Site. Your fun guide will share with you the amazing story of the place. So, be prepared.

The Big 5

You might have heard about it somewhere when it ties with Africa. You know what, there is also the Big 5 in Botswana. To be precise, you will find the big 5 (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, and Leopard) in Moremi Safari. First-time safari-goers with groups should not miss this!

Okavango Delta Power Boating 

Okavango Delta is the world’s biggest inland delta. Thanks to its big size, it comes with hundreds of channels to explore. This place offers millions of possibilities for powerboating. Powerboating gives you and your group access to hidden gems of the delta. However, it only works in the morning when the water levels are high enough.

Hippos sightseeing

Hippos sightseeing is usually popular for the first-timer. Your guide will accompany you on the fiberglass canoes to explore the Okavango to find the spot for hippos. The sightseeing area’s name is Mekoro. The developer has built the polar taps at the side so that the hippos won’t harm the visitors.

Botswana surrounding views

The good thing about visiting Botswana is that no matter where you go, you and your group will always be rewarded with the amazing nature views by it. From the Delta to Chobe floodplain, to the bushes and marsh, you will always see the best of Botswana at any angle. Look up to the sky and you will be amazed by the clear blue color of it.

So, which one do you want to try from Botswana? Let us know in the comment box below.