The Best Things to Do in Lesotho

Lesotho, a.k.a. “Kingdom in the Sky ”, is one of Africa’s gems that you cannot miss if you are fond of the continent visit. Thanks to its mountainous topography, Lesotho offers such incredible experience for outdoor adventurers. If you come to Africa, don’t hesitate to take the chance to enjoy the 1000 m in elevation. Basotho is what we call the locals in Lesotho. They are amazing people. Oftentimes, the things to do in Lesotho involves the guides and companions from Basotho folks. Here are the best things you can do there.

Water Sports 

Lesotho offers various water activities that you might not find in other African countries. Well, you don’t have to be involved with extreme water sports if you don’t want to. Even the small boat sailing or trout fishing is also available in the area of the stream.

Skiing in Lesotho 

If you are tied to a skiing activity, try to do this in Lesotho. The landlocked country presents you with the best spots for skiing. It has what you need for a perfect skiing experience. It has high altitudes and freezing temperatures in the winter months. Consider coming in August for the best performance.

Pony Trekking

Pony trekking has been one of the most iconic activities because it helps you to discover Basotho tradition and culture in different ways. The trek will bring you to the mountain ranges including the low and high lands. The trekking period of time varies from hours to weeks, depending on your requests.


Lesotho comes with the most amazing hiking spots in the country. There are almost endless beautiful escapes offered by the mountainous areas. Depending on which elevation you choose, you will see the different scenic experience that you will want to capture in your camera.

Thaba Bosiu

It is the name of a mountain which offers you natural scenic views which you cannot find in other African countries. The 120 high plateau contains the heritage of the Basotho Kingdom. King Moshoeshoe is the relevant figure in this place. Many people are eager to climb this mountain to enjoy rewarding views and lands. You will also be able to see the king’s dwellings.

Kome Cave

Thousands of years ago, the cannibals were occupying this area. Basotho people fled to Kome Cave to hide from them. The man-made caves have been sitting there since. Nowadays, it is one of the most spectacular scapes to enjoy. Make sure to bring your camera to capture all the moments in this place.

Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village

Located a day trip from Maseru, it is a local tour that will take you closer to nature. The day trips will start from your hotel or accommodation to the difficult mountain regions of Lesotho. It is not for the faint-hearted folks since there will be a lot of challenges to counter.

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